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+ The Wholesale Jewelry category includes all jewelry wholesalers supplying Jewelry / Jewellery. Includes wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors selling rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and other jewelry related products and services.
Below is a listing of all the sub-categories listed in the Wholesale Jewelry section of Categories are listed alphabetically.

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Wholesale Jewelry Main new window - jewelry wholesalers
The main category of the Wholesale Jewelry section of the Nalee shopping and wholesalers directory.

Wholesale Jewelry by Country Directory new window - wholesale jewelry by country
All wholesale jewelry categories on Nalee categorized by the country they are based in. Most jewelry wholesalers deal internationally with import export trade, but some may just deal with their home country.

American Wholesale Jewelry new window - wholesale american jewelry
Wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers of jewelry based in the United States of America.

Wholesale Asian Jewelry new window - wholesale asian jewelry
Find jewelry wholesalers of ethnic Asian fashion accessories from cultures and native tribes throughout Asia in countries like Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and more.

Wholesale Barbells Jewelry new window - wholesale barbells jewelry
Wholesalers of barbells for piercings on the body, tongue barbell jewelry and other body piercings.

Wholesale Body Jewelry new window - wholesale body jewelry
List of jewelry wholesalers and distributors of body jewelry, barbells, tongue rings, labrets, studs, brow rings and other fashion accessories worn on the skin.

Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry new window - wholesale body jewelry
Find body piercing jewelry and supplies of equipment used to pierce body parts like the eyebrow, nose, nipple and tongue.

Wholesale Bracelet Jewelry new window - wholesale bracelet jewelry
List of wholesale jewelry makers and distributors of bracelets, bangles, arm bands and fashion accessories worn on the wrist and arm.

Brazilian Wholesale Jewelry new window - wholesale brazil jewelry
Search for South American jewelry wholesalers and designers of fashion jewelry importing and exporting products out of Brasil.

Wholesale Charm Jewelry new window - wholesale charm jewelry
Find jewellery wholesalers of charms bracelets, amulets, good luck charms, evil eye beads and lucky bracelets.

Wholesale Choker Jewelry new window - wholesale choker jewelry
Directory of wholesale chokers and tight fitting necklace products from manufacturers and distributors of jewelry items.

Wholesale Cloisonne Jewelry new window - wholesale cloisonne jewelry
List of cloisonne jewelry and enemal fashion accessories wholesalers and manufacturers.

Wholesale Costume Jewelry new window - wholesale costume jewelry
Find drop shippers, manufacturers, and wholesalers selling costume jewelry or cheap fashion jewellery.

Wholesale Diamond Jewelry new window - wholesale diamond jewelry
Directory of jewelry wholesalers specializing in diamond rings, engagement rings, diamond earrings and loose diamonds.

Wholesale Earrings Jewelry new window - wholesale earring jewelry
Jewellery wholesalers and distributors of earrings, studs, dangling earring sets and hoop rings for ears.

Wholesale Ethnic Jewelry new window - wholesale ethnic jewelry
Ethnic jewellery wholesalers and distributors of tribal accessories, Asian, American Indian, European, and Pacific cultural jewellery.

Wholesale Evil Eye Jewelry new window - wholesale nazar jewelry
List of wholesale evil eye jewelry suppliers, boncugu nazar beads, Turkish amulets, and lucky charms.

French Wholesale Jewelry new window - wholesale france jewelry
List of French wholesale companies supplying jewelry, European jewellery, rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and more made from gold, silver and other precious metals.

Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry new window - wholesale gems jewelry
Find wholesalers of gemstone jewelry and fashion accessories made with gems.

Wholesale Gold Jewelry new window - wholesale gold jewelry
Find wholesalers and distribution companies selling gold jewelry or jewellery.

Wholesale Handmade Jewelry new window - wholesale handmade jewelry
Handmade jewelry and custom one off pieces made by artisans, craftsmen and jewelry makers.

Wholesale Lockets Jewelry new window - wholesale locket jewelry
Jewelry wholesalers of lockets, keepsake pendants and jewelry with keys or photos kept inside.

Wholesale Necklace Jewelry new window - wholesale necklaces jewelry
List of wholesale jewelry companies supplying necklaces and gold chains to retailers of jewellery products worldwide.

Wholesale Pendants Jewelry new window - wholesale pendant jewelry
Find jewelry makers and distributors of pendants in gold, silver and other metals.

Wholesale Ring Jewelry new window - wholesale ring jewelry
B2B jewelry suppliers and distributors of rings and finger bands from gold and silver for weddings, engagement, friendship and eternity.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry new window - wholesale silver jewelry
Find wholesalers selling silver jewelry or jewellery.

South Korean Wholesale Jewelry new window - wholesale korean jewelry
Wholesalers, distributors, dropshippers, and manufacturers of jewelry based in the Asian region of South Korea.

Thai Wholesale Jewelry new window - wholesale thailand jewelry
B2B jewelry directory of Thai wholesalers and distributors supplying rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and other fashion accessories made in Thailand.

Turkish Wholesale Jewelry new window - wholesale turkey jewelry
Find Turkish jewelry wholesalers, distributors and artisans supplying gold and silver jewelry, fashion accessories, watches and more.

Wholesale Watches new window - wholesale silver jewelry
Wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and dropshippers of watches and watch accessories.

Watch Brands new window - famous watches
List of famous watch brands like Rolex, Seiko, Omega, Citizen, Tag and more designer watches.

Submit Wholesale Jewelry Website new window - Wholesale jewelry
List your wholesale jewelry / jewellery company on the Nalee online shopping directory and shopping news portal. Includes import and export businesses, B2B trade companies, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors of jewelry. - categories - Jewelry Wholesalers

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