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+ The Home and Garden Services category includes companies online offering services and trades. House and Garden services includes professional tradespeople, services suppliers, interiors designers, builders, plumbers, electrictians, pest controllers, architects, security and other service providers.

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Gray Puksand
Australian architects with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Design services include architecture, master planning, interior design, workspace design, retail designs, and graphic design in Australia. - list of - Architects - Australian Interior Designers - Australian Architects - Australian House Services

Kevin Koxhead
Australian interior designer and decorator in Melbourne, Victoria. Offerrs a full range of interior design services including full house decoration, room makeovers and complete refurbishments. Works with a range of decors in tradition, classic or contemporary designs. - list of - Interior Designers - Australian Interior Designers - Australian Home Services

Michelle Slovak
New York City interior designer in the United States of America. Offers color expertise in design, home decoration, interior design, home make-overs, retro modern designs, traditions, and elegant designs. - list of - Interior Designers - American Interior Designers - American Home Services

Ming Interiors
Canadian interior design services from a company based in Ontario, Canada. Design services include color consultation, space planning, real estate staging, sample search, artwork selection, escort shopping and antique scouting. - list of - Interior Designers - Canadian Interior Designers - Canadian Home Services

Oliver Cope
New York City residential architect in the United States of America. Specializes in classically American homes, renovations of historical buildings, townhouses, apartments, and new residences. - list of - Architects Online - American Architects - American House Services

Sally Star
American interior designer working in the Boulder, Denver, and the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado USA. Creating residential and commercial interiors in both contemporary and traditional styles. - list of - Interior Designers - American Interior Designers - American Home Services

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